The perfume version of an essay written for House House Press that troubles colonial and anti-immigrant metaphors used to describe so-called weeds. Notes: rot, smoke, mushroom, cedar wood and leaf, green aromatics, blackberry bud, bletted scotch broom tincture, moss, grasses.

a garland of scotch broom, blackberry and cedar accompany an atomizer filled with dark liquid which all rests on a black velvet background

blossoming scotch broom flowers, yellow with deep red centres thick himalayan blackberry vine hangs vertically over a lush green background of shrubbery

Veil (2022) — A famous “oriental” perfume, composed in 1921, is the base of this scent. Added to this are notes of bitterness, air, earth, smoke, and mothballs (to evoke the archive). Created for an intervention upon objects collected around the idea of “the Orient” at the Agnes Etherington Art Centre with Alize Zorlutuna. An editioned version of this work features sullied art handling gloves and ebru printed by Alize.